We were invited out by Mr. Yeom and his wife Jeongsu for an afternoon drive and to visit a tea house. Mr. Yeom works as a doctor and Jeongsu is literature teacher, so our conversations are always enriching. We learn so much about Korea when we are with them. And they are great parents, we are very happy for their influence in our son’s life.

The tea house we went to is an historical one as it supported a rebel army, this history added to the atmosphere. Also, there were many young couples here too, holding hands. It is rare to see couples holding hands in Korea. Their happiness also added to the scene.

We are glad our son is learning about Korean culture and tea culture from his Aunt Jeungsu and Uncle Yeom. We tell him about culture, but they show him.

I don’t know where you drink your tea, but this is where we drink ours. This tea house is tucked away in the mountains, over looking a lake, and surrounded by tea bushes. There is also a pomegranate tree, small ponds, pine trees and boulders.