Even though it was raining a little, we took a stroll down to the library a few blocks away. The kid’s section is made for kids to enjoy. Mom and Kaiser come here on occasion. It’s bright and cheerful with various places to sit, and various ways to sit; be comfortable, read.

The stroller, otherwise known as “The Jeep”, has been such a blessing. Several weeks before we moved to Korea, I drove my mother-n-law to a few yard sales. I saw this stroller for sale for two-hundred dollars, it originally cost five-hundred. Tamara happened by the same yard sale and noticed it too, but couldn’t buy it. Tamara felt impressed to go back and check on it several weeks after the yard sale ended. It was still there. The woman saved it for Tamara. If I remember correctly, we paid $25.00.

Kaiser was only two when we moved and we relied on the Jeep to carry him around safely . There is a lot of traffic here. Whenever we use it we always feel grateful.

We let him pick his clothes everyday now. He really wanted to wear his vest around town(!).