In the evening, when the storm died down, I took Kaiser outside to look around. I can see why people were a little worried about the storm, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My school closed for the day, but teachers had to report for work. I spent the day in the office; doing office things. I did go home for lunch, that was nice.

There are a lot of new teachers starting this week, so Tamara has connected with a few. She shows them how the buses work and where to shop, the good cafes and restaurants. She answers all the questions she can. So, while she was out helping a new teacher, me and Kyz were running around the neighborhood looking at the storm damage.

The backpack was his idea, it’s full of Hot Wheels.

It started to sprinkle again while we were out, but I let Kyz run around anyway. He loved it. Before we came home we stopped by the corner store for a chocolate milk. Smiles.