We didn’t have any major plans on the weekend, just lots of little things. Kayden came over to play and stayed Saturday night. It’s good for the boys to play together, they are the same age, have the same interests and they don’t have to deal with cultural differences; just play!

I took the boys to the playground Sunday morning. They played for over an hour. Kayden’s Mom and Dad picked him up around 9:AM for church. We don’t go to church until 12:30. We walk to church every Sunday, it’s probably a mile. We always leave early so Kaiser can play at the church playground. So he got to play twice in one morning. Lucky boy!

Kyz likes to do what the big boys do at the playground, like climbing on top of the habitrail. Big kids can do it easily, but the problem is, so can Kaiser. He’s quite capable of climbing up and climbing or sliding down. I don’t want to say “absolutely not!”, so I take the time to coach him and help him understand boundaries and sensible limitations. We agreed that he is not allowed to go onto the green section and that I would help him get down.

Is most of parenting coaching? Seems like it. Maybe life-together is more rewarding for families that learn together.

Our church is a small part of a large church called Saesoon Church. We attend the “English” service for cultural misfits. We are the “American” family, there is also a one British man, an American woman, (sometimes) South Africans, 3 East Indians, and several Koreans from the church who help us. Our pastor, Mathew, is from India and has recently returned from a month-long vacation from his homeland. (photo below)

One of Tamara’s (many) friends is moving back to the US. Her friend is married with two children. Tamara always enjoyed visiting with them and will have a hard time finding new friends like this. Friends “moving back” is a part of living here. However, before they left, they gave Tamara four bottles of wine, two bags of coffee and a pile of Berenstain Bears books!

Tamara has done a great job turning our shoebox apartment into a home for the three of us, always adding a new color to our lives! Thanks Babe.