Sunday night we had dinner with a wonderful family at a near-by restaurant.

Tamara meets a lot of other moms as she goes out during the day. This is one of the moms who Tamara sees regularly and had developed a friendship with. The kids enjoy playing together too.

Mr. Choi, the father, works in Seoul and commutes by train for the week and has his family time on the weekend, so we were glad to be apart of that.

The meal we enjoyed is one of our favorites: Shabu-shabu. It’s like a beef soup that you eat with chop sticks. It’s really good!

After dinner we went around the corner for coffee and dessert at our favorite cafe, Cantabile.

Kaiser entertained himself with a pair of straws which he used as nun-chucks. He ninja’ed everything in the cafe. After he lost a straw, he tucked the other one behind his ear and went scuba diving around the cafe.