Tamara found two great new places to meet friends: “Seven Monkeys Cafe” for coffee and “Naan” for Indian food.

She found them (not sure how as they are miles away on buses we don’t take…) a month ago and set a side some money to indulge our appetites and friendships. We waited until now because I have a FIVE day weekend.

So we saved a “vacation” activity for this mini-vacation; we’re practicing for when I get TWO WEEKS in January(!).

We met friends from church, Mathew, his wife and daughter and Paul, who are all from India. They love great food as much as we do. We asked them to order, trusting their expertise, and found how right they are; the meal was great! And made perfect with an ice-cold bottle of Heineken (for Daddy).

A great meal with great friends, that a good evening!