We ended one day at the cafe and began the next day at the park.

One of the most popular cafes in Korea is “Angel-in-Us Cafe”, it was nice to go here as a family. Kaiser played with his trucks while Mom and Dad sat together talking and sipping caramel macchiato.

The next day, Monday, Tamara had plans to visit a friend who was in the hospital in a precarious medical circumstance. We prayed for her and sent Tamara off.

I packed essential kid gear and fired-up the Jeep (stroller for boys) for a two mile hike to the toy store with Kaiser. I wanted to check on some new cars.

On the way back we stopped by 7-11 for some snacks and crossed the street to raid the park in that neighborhood. (It is the half-way mark to our house)

The boy ran loose happily for an hour before returning home.