After work I walked a few blocks to get a pizza for family night. When I got to the park there was a platoon of soldiers doing drills, so I called Tamara and asked if she would bring Kyz to see the “Army guys”. She put him in the Jeep (stroller) and quickly wheeled him to the park. And she brought the camera.

While she was coming over, I went to a cafe so I could greet her (and reward her) with a caramel macchiato(!).

The soldiers were doing drills in the sand lot. Two soldiers would sprint to a firing position, while another would call in the action on a mock field phone.

I took some pictures, but the CO asked me (politely insisted) that I delete them. I did.

So why all the pictures of fire trucks? The park is behind the fire station and the fire men were watching the drills too. So I asked if we could see the trucks and take a few pictures, the guys smiled and said yes!

Here are two fire truck pictures from Colorado, both during the Spring of 2011. The first one was at River Bottom Park, the crew was taking a break there, and the second was at the Target parking lot.