We put together a little treasure hunt for Kaiser. Tamara bought candy, which we placed in baggies, along with coins and some other trinkets.

While Tamara got Kyz dressed in the morning, I went down the street and placed the baggies along the massive stone wall where Kaiser likes to climb. I put one every ten or fifteen feet, so he would end up exploring the length of the wall.

The best part was at the end(!). I traded some Hot Wheels to a collector in New York who sent me two Matchbox Real Working Rigs. RWR’s are larger than regular Matchbox models, so they feel great in little hands.

Kyz was so excited to find the treasures! He carried the Matchbox trucks around all day, everywhere we went! Here he is at the end of the day, watching baseball, in his Sunday vest, with his new trucks…

…and the next morning, eating breakfast with them at their new home.