As we recover from our colds, we have been going out a little more. Last night I took Kaiser to the park just before bedtime. I try to have father/son time with him everyday after work (Mommy’s break time). This usually involves various types of combat and ballistics testing; trying new ninja moves on dad and launching things at my head.

An hour before bedtime we strolled down to the park. I brought his flashlight he likes to carry, and a few small fireworks.

He enjoyed the fireworks and playing with the flashlight, but really just wanted to run. In circles. Up the slide. Along the benches.

From across our little park I hear, “Daddy wook, a CAN!” I ran over to see his treasure. Excited, he grabbed two sticks and gave me one. “Daddy, hockey!”

We played late-night, urban, coke-can hockey for nearly forty minutes. He couldn’t have been happier. While we were playing, a guy came by with a small RC plane with bright, flashing LED’s. Kaiser looked up long enough to say “Wow.”, then back to hockey.

He calls Coke-cola, “Coka-lala”. Eventually I will correct his pronunciation, but it works for now. It sounds musical. Maybe someday he’ll teach the world to sing.