Free day Dec 2012 (51)

I didn’t have to work today, this was my first free Saturday in months. I completed my contract at my second school, so now I can spend more time with the strange people I love so much.

Tamara went on a secrety shopping mission, while I took Kaiser on Bus #7 to peruse the toy museums. The “7” is the express bus, there is one every ten minutes. We went to the two closest toy stores to look at all the new Legos and toy cars. We didn’t buy anything, just looked. After the toy stores, we hopped the “7” back to our neighborhood and I took Kyz to Panda House for a burger. Then off to the park.

Free day Dec 2012 (178)

Free day Dec 2012 (66)

Free day Dec 2012 (171)

falling fall 

We played at the park for over four hours. Kyz found another empty pop can, so we played hockey for quit a while. Then he put his “helmet” (cereal box) on and patrolled the park as a robot. Then a couple boys came to the park with big diggers and we dug in the sand for a couple hours.

Kaiser’s catch phrase for the day was, “Hallelujah, pipsqueak!” As he ran around doing his stunts, he would yell his inspirational phrase. Not sure how he came up with that, just another Kaiserism, I guess.

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Free day Dec 2012 (80)

At the end of the day we put him back on the shelf and charge his batteries.

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