Tamara at church (69)

Sunday. Tamara shared in church this morning. She shared her heart, which is full of Advent and Christmas. Part of her message involved doughnuts. And happiness. All three boys got a doughnut to enjoy during the service.

Tamara at church (66)

Tamara at church (42)

As we walk to church, I decided to walk over the mountain with Kaiser, while Momma walked along the sidewalk, around our mountain.  Momma had work today while I played sheriff.

The mountain path is faster, but Momma got to church first. Long before us. We stopped to look at things.

And Kyz slid in the mud too. Mud all down the front. Fortunately his Sunday-best is a cowboy shirt and Wranglers (from Papa).

When we got to church I cleaned off as much mud as possible, but he looked like he just came in from ranch work.

I have to say I felt proud of my little family. A Momma who puts Christmas in people’s hearts and a little muddy cowboy with chocolate on his face. It was a good Sunday.