IMG_7797Israeli police1

We just received a really nice gift from our blogger friends in Jerusalem, so naturally I’m writing a post about it!

We “met” Jessa and her husband when we found their blog Home Sweet Shalom at Conversion Diary. We found out that Jessa likes tea, so Tamara sent a selection of Korean tea. We didn’t think much about it as we like to send a little something to lots of people. Of course we thought of them (and prayed for them) during the recent conflict in Israel, but never thought about receiving a gift from them.

Found this on my desk at work! They took the time to gather some beautiful postcards, customize a card and envelope with our names, include an Israeli police sticker (cool!) and a delicious snack, AND they took the time to convert a Matchbox delivery van into an Israeli police van—very cool!

Thank you for thinking of us, and for sending such a nice gift!