I work forty hours each week, Monday through Friday, and forty hours on Saturday. Here’s the inside story of what we did when we weren’t at the park playing in the snow.

The first two pictures are of Kaiser and Kayden. Kayden is our favorite little boy in Korea. He is American. He plays the same way Kaiser does and has the same interests. He came over to stay the night, which is great for both boys. We don’t have a lot of conflict, just a little foot-fight under the table at breakfast.

boys2 boys

My work week ends at exactly 4:30 on Friday. At 4:25 I turn off the computers, pack my backpack and walk out. However, (REJOICE!) at 4:00 an office worker kindly brought a package to me! Our mailman (for some reason…) likes to deliver our packages to my school, instead of our apartment, which is directly across the street.

The box was a belated and MUCH appreciated birthday care package from my Colorado family, FULL of coffee and Hot Wheels, and Star Wars cookie cutters! Now I can refill my emergency coffee stashes!

coffee hot wheels

We had pretty interesting and enjoyable food on Saturday. Tamara went to a bake sale and came home with some homemade cookies. For Tamara’s dinner I made something special just for her: potatoes with bacon. The bacon was cooked in a glaze I made with BBQ sauce, whiskey, fresh-squeezed orange juice, red chili powder and sauteed onions. So it was sweet, smokey and hot; served over mashed potatoes. She, um, loved it.

For my dinner, Kaiser made me some soup: a bowl of water with a tangerine in it. I, um, loved it.

food second snow 2012

We played hide-n-go seek for a while too. There aren’t many places to hide in a Korean apartment. So you have to pretend not to see toes sticking out from behind things.