haircut 2012 (44)

On Wednesday nights, Tamara meets with a few of the ladies from church for coffee, bible study and prayer. This is especially important as we are strangers in a strange (and beautiful) land. Tamara meets with our pastor’s wife, who is from India, and another American woman. Before she went out, she made a great meal for us: soft tacos! So nice to come home from work and smell Spanish aromas!

While Tamara was out, Kaiser and I went for a long bike ride around the neighborhood. North takes us to church, east leads to the big park, west is the small park and south is where we “see the fish”. We headed south.

All of the sea food restaurants have large water tanks in the front of their shops with live: skates/flounders, prawns, octopi, cuttlefish, eels, mollusks, etc… The cuttlefish in the red basket, which is next in line, was quite large at twenty inches!

Fishing seems to be popular, there are some nice tackle shops here. When it is time to take Kyz fishing and teach outdoor skills, we will learn to catch (and prepare) cuttlefish. It’s what we do here.

stack fish

Now to explain the picture of the stacked sundries. They’re rockets. Kyz took the time to stack all of these things and make rockets, he even ran the phone charger cable from the bananas to the oatmeal carton. He got out his binoculars to observe the launch from a safe distance—near the kitchen sink(!). Boys.

The bottom picture is a couple hours before bed time.  The barber gave Kaiser a “dollar” before we left his shop. The barber is an interesting guy, but I’ll tell that story below the picture if you want to read why. This picture is of Kyz with his new haircut and scoop of ice cream we bought on the way home with his dollar. He got to enjoy his dessert and an episode of Rescue Rangers. We spent the rest of the evening fighting ninja style with a foam bat and foam nun chucks. Kaiser stands on the bed to be taller, work his moves and he doesn’t get hurt when he lands.

haircut 2012 (17)

The haircut story. During the summer, I gave Kaiser a “pineapple” or, G.I. haircut; shave the sides and trim the top. Simple, and great for these hot summers. He’ll get another one next June. Free of charge.

However, I knew his hair would grow back a little strange. And we want his hair long for winter, to help keep him warm. So I needed his hair to be fixed as well as trimmed.

The first time we went to get Kaiser’s haircut, some places said “No.”. They wouldn’t do it. Not sure why. So, we had to find someone to cut his hair. We found this barber on the way home from a denial. And this barber said “No” too. But a woman there talked him into it. He did it begrudgingly. He is a bit of a sullen character, but so sullen that he’s funny. He refuses to smile. Ever. Which makes him adorable. No one is that sullen, I know, I’ve tried.

But this barber shop has a strange atmosphere. It was clear that kids don’t get their haircut here and Tamara was not welcome; it was shocking for her to be there. Which suggested to me that it’s, perhaps, a gentleman’s club. There is a backroom, it seems. And lot’s of guys were mulling about without shirts on, watching TV and drinking coffee. But Kaiser got a haircut, a great one too. This guy is amazing!

So we went back, he said no, but the woman called us back, Kaiser got a great haircut, the barber sulked, and we walked away with ice cream money. Another normal day.