Santa 2012 (35)

I usually don’t take pictures of strangers, especially during their moments of frustration. But I did. When we were leaving the Christmas party, we saw this woman in an unfortunate circumstance. It was somehow proverbial. Picture perfect. I wanted to avoid the deeper meaning, but this could’ve been any one of us. I felt bad. I feel bad. But we’ve all been here; both giving and receiving.

Did you know the price of cabbage has doubled in the past year? No big deal any where else, but in Korea it’s a big deal. Our friends enjoy cabbage dishes, and the many forms of kimchi with each meal. Even breakfast. I do not (much).

But I am grateful to have kimchi and rice (every) every day at work. One unappealing lunch eaten in a middle school cafeteria is still a meal, and more than many people will get today. I eat kimchi because it is a gift. It’s expensive. And I am grateful.

Santa 2012 (34)