walk dec 2012 (18)


We went for a walk late last night.

It’s nice to be in between  times of sickness and difficulties. Around this time last year Kyz was in the hospital for four days. I have been to the doctor twice, Kyz has had a lingering cough too. Tamara is the only one who hasn’t been sick this year.

As Korea is surrounded by hostilities, it is important to go for walks together. The local restaurants were full of happy people eating and drinking, smiling and laughing. We smiled through the large front windows at each other. This evening of family time reminded me of something Christopher DeVinck said in his devotional, “Simple Wonders” (page 27).

Thanksgiving in the Bathroom

“Today I clean the bathroom. Whenever I return to this task, I am reminded how stable my life is. To clean the bathroom demands a sense of peace, and a time of peace. I see the history of the world each day in the newspaper: a new battle, a new death caused by carelessness or evil.”

He goes on reflecting wisely; deeply, in gratitude. I’m beginning to understand.

Kaiser’s new catchphrase is “fifteen-bucks!”. When he sees something cool, or wears his favorite t-shirt or camo pants, it’s “Fifteen-bucks!”. Not sure where he got that from. But he exclaimed $15.00! while running down the street, jumping from puddle to puddle.

After work I walked with Kyz. We went to the store to get a few things for supper, the weather was nice enough that we walked six blocks to the large grocery store, then another two blocks to a little dime store. I bought two Lego mini figures for him. As we walked back toward home, he handed me the ninja and went back to puddle jumping. He was half soaked before we got to the store, and completely soaked when we got home. A muddy boy is it’s own kind of happiness.

The bathroom is clean, the dishes are finished, Kaiser slept well and Mom and Dad got to stay up and watch a movie together. Fifteen-bucks! (Gratitude.)