pirate play place 2012 (222)

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After playing at the big park for (quite) a while, Kyz said he wanted to go to the library and read books. Definitely can’t say no to that. The library is on the same city block, just south of where we were playing, at the end of the soccer field; however…

As we were walking along the path, I happened to peer over the brick wall, through the branches and barbed wire. There it was. A pirate’s paradise; a pirate’s play-place. And no one was playing there(!). This particular playground is actually for the people who live in the highrises that surround it. But still, it was empty. And we had never been there before. So we back-tracked and found a hidden staircase, and another path leading to the new world. We played. And played. And played. And forgot about the library.

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We did a couple hours of ninja training. We tested everything, jumping, running, climbing, and swinging. There’s nothing like an empty sand lot for a couple of boys to run around in. Pirate play-place, we’ll be back!

pirate play place 2012 (50)A man in the right boots can do anything!