Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (35)

Kaiser is on his second pair of nunchucks. The first pair wore out, so it was time for new ones. We jumped the #7 bus south to the toy store “district”; there are two toy stores, one across the street from the other. The biggest one is right at the bus stop, so we went there first. They (for some reason) had an impressive display of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys; shelves full of everything TMNT. We got the nunchucks and sword, both of which make sound effects! (Each weapon came with a mask.)

Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (70)

Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (60)

After the first store, despite our purchase and high customer satisfaction, we crossed the street and visited the other toy store. While Kyz roamed around, I asked the cashier for batteries. I wanted Kaiser to be able to use them at the park, three blocks from the store.

While we installed the batteries, the manager came over with a box and gave it to me for Kaiser. It was a brand new TMNT Shell Phone! He also had a shelf full of Ninja Turtle toys, it cost $15.00, but he wanted Kaiser to have it!  You can talk to each of the Ninja Turtles on the shell phone, it sure added a lot to turtle boy’s play time, he kept stopping to take his calls!

So we ran around the park doing our ninja moves and fighting bad guys. The park is next to a major bus stop, so the dozens of people going by must have been rather perplexed by the fat old guy running around in a mask chasing a little boy with a sword!

Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (45)

Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (128)

Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (15)

Before we headed home, I took Kyz to Dunkin’ Donuts for a (rare) treat. He stayed in character the whole time, being stealthy as he ate his doughnut.

Ninja Turtle Jan 13 (9)