Bus Seven Ride Jan 2013 (17)

This little sandwich shop is an hour south by bus from where we live, but I’ve always wanted to go here. Yes, just because of the name. We had a chicken sandwich, the only sandwich on the menu, and a chocolate milk, to go. There was no seating, so we sat on some rocks nearby. The food was only o.k.; not great.

Bus Seven Ride Jan 2013 (33)

Bus Seven Ride Jan 2013 (35)

We also visited “Cafe Roman”, mostly because my brother’s name is Roman. It was a pretty nice cafe: clean, quiet, good service and good coffee. I had a cappuccino and Kyz got a big chocolate chip cookie. It was a nice visit.

Bus Seven Ride Jan 2013 (39)

Power Rangers (9)

For lunch on Saturday, before we took Kaiser to see the Power Ranger movie, we visited this little cafe/sandwich shop. It was really nice: clean, bright, good location, excellent food. the service was great too, we plan on visiting here again!

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