Bus Seven Ride Jan 2013 (94)

We took the #7 bus for an adventure on the south side. Initially I wanted to visit a Confucian temple and a fishing tackle shop, but the temple was out of the way and the tackle shop was closed, so we we wandered around. We stopped by the “007 Sandwich Shop” for lunch and “Cafe Roman” for Dad’s coffee and Kaiser’s cookie.

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While we were wandering we found two interesting items: a toilet and a poster. The toilet is fixed to a wall near the bus stop in a narrow alley. Sorry ladies, it is probably of no use to you, but I made a mental note of it’s location for future reference.

The poster is for the Power Ranger movie which was playing over the weekend. I didn’t tell Kyz, but I did tell Mom, and we made plans.

Saturday morning was normal enough, but then we told Kyz that we need to catch a bus for a special lunch. We got him dressed and out the door. Our bus ride was nearly an hour and so was lunch. After we ate, we crossed the street, bought tickets and settled in. He still didn’t know what we were going to watch, but when the movie started and he saw the Power Rangers, his jaw dropped! He could hardly believe it!

Power Rangers (20)

The movie was completely ridiculous. There’s no story, the acting is horrible and the action was repetitive; I loved it. What a celebration of commercialism and kitsch! This movie assaulted my senses and slowly crushed my head. I haven’t seen a movie this bad in years. The actors’ clothing was tight in all the wrong places, revealing every secret; every nook and cranny. Having their little bits projected on the big screen made it worse. However, the actors had no muscle tone or padding, their noodley arms dangled in their ranger suits. Awkward. But the audience loved it and cheered the whole time. As a movie-going experience, it was loads of crazy, mindless fun—with popcorn!

Power Rangers (29)

Also on this journey, I saw a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a very rare sight in Korea. I especially like the KIA utility truck custom painted for the occasion. You never see these trucks in black, only blue and white (no really, I’m serious) so I had to take a picture. It’s just cool!

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