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Kaiser had his first day of school this week. I say school because he goes everyday, five days a week, for Taekwondo. Most Korean kids attend Taekwondo school during their elementary years. They learn social moors, exercise and self defense. As long as we have been in Korea, Kaiser has wanted to join a group; to belong. He sees other kids in uniforms, walking and playing in groups and being together. Now he gets to walk down the street in his own do-bok (uniform) and go to class.

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The Grand Master speaks English and welcomed Kaiser into his gym. His two assistants work well with kids, encouraging as well as challenging them. The class is one hour of organized chaos, laughter and Taekwondo skills. Some of these kids can stand still and kick over their head!

We are very happy that our son has something to belong to, grow into and make his own. The gym is walking distance, so we will continue walking him to class, but might, on occasion, put him on the school’s bus and let him ride big boy style with the other kids. We will also stay at the class with him (we are the only parents who come to class), but will gradually step out during class, letting nature take its course.

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One cool thing we like about this gym is that the kids “sign in” to class by pressing their thumb on a scanner, which sends a text to their parents saying their child is in class.

So, from now on, Mom and Dad are Taekwondo coaches.