There is a great restaurant downtown that we like to visit, it’s always a special trip for us. The restaurant, “The First Alleyway” is owned and operated by two expats (maybe both Canadian?) So we get to have real home-cooked meals, not “fusion”, not counterfeit, not what-they-think-we-eat. The pizza here isn’t perplexing; it doesn’t have sauce or corn sprinkled on it. It’s pizza without the surprises—don’t get me wrong, I love Korean food, I just want a home cooked meal on occasion, without culinary surprises.


Tamara had fish-n-chips, Kaiser had a chicken/cheese burrito, and I had nacho poutine. My nacho poutine had jalapenos, which is a rare treat in Korea. Kaiser and I had real A&W root beer, while Mom had IPA.


On Saturday, while Tamara was out with friends, I took Kyz out for lunch at Nanta Pizza, a few blocks away. They have a pretty good $5 pizza. So pizza and a coke: $6.00.

After lunch, and after playing at the park, our activity was model building. Kaiser likes to figure things out with his fingers, so I bought two simple snap-together models to build. The little corner store has these for a dollar each, we got a helicopter and a fighter jet.



While we were walking I saw this Coke delivery truck, it looks great in red; they come stock in blue and white only. They are great little trucks, used for everything here. I want to get one for camping and fishing, maybe put a rifle rack in the back window; I need an old cowboy hat. Then we could drive around with country music blaring, we’d be the only red necks in town!

Coke truck