IMG_3305Today I watched as my son ran along a muddy path instead of walking on the sidewalk, and it made me happy. The sun was warm, but the wind was icy. I bundled him for the cold, he was comfortable. As he ran along he picked up three sticks, perfect in his eyes. While running, he tumbled a few times, got a little muddy, but got up, gathered his sticks and ran again.


I am glad that he likes adventure and that he finds it off the sidewalk, knowing his father is there if he needs him; his arms full of sticks. When we got to the end of the path and he had to walk on the pavement to cross the street, as we were headed to the bus stop, he had to put his sticks back. He cried. I picked him up and held him as we crossed three lanes of east-bound, paused at the traffic island, then crossed three lanes of west-bound.

I glanced to the right and noticed the bus idling at the red light was number ten, our bus. I had three blocks to go. If I missed this bus, I would have to wait twenty minutes for the next one. We would have to wait in the cold. I held Kaiser tighter, gripped the two heavy bags I was holding, one in each hand, and started to run. My weighted backpack pulled down on my shoulders as I ran. I knew I couldn’t really run three blocks with three heavy bags and a child in my arms, but I was going to try.

I had three bags full of movies and two DVD players that my friend gave to me, along with new RAM for my computer. Kaiser and I were invited over to his place and pick up the stuff, but ended up staying for over two hours as he arranged for us to watch Cars 2 on his big screen with surround sound, it was great! We were also served lunch, and Kaiser received a special gift: a Kinder Chocolate egg. He savored it.


As I ran along the busy street, the bus driver pulled over two blocks early and let us on the bus; that never happens. There are dozens of people around us, but he sees us and waves us on to the bus, saving us so much trouble. Why? I dunno, but I greatly appreciated it!

For breakfast that morning, before we started our expedition, we enjoyed rare pumpkin spice scones. The scone mix was sent by my wife’s friends. Tamara made it the night before. We greatly enjoyed it.

Why do people send scone mix? I dunno, but we are glad they did!

For lunch my son enjoyed Mac’n Cheese, brought by another friend. What makes a person bring nearly a dozen boxes of Mac’n Cheese to a little boy in South Korea? I can’t imagine, but he is immensely happy with his blue boxes of cheesy goodness.

Thank you everyone, thank you.