Valentines 2013 (141)

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valentines4Valentine’s Day, one of our favorite holidays! The day I proposed to Tamara ten years ago!

We had some red neck fun in the park, grilling hot dogs and brats, and sipping Daddy’s special cough syrup!

We had a treasure hunt for Kaiser, hiding Hot Wheels and candy in the trees. He also found a dragon egg! Now he is the proud owner of an ice dragon!

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S’mores with Momma and another Batmobile for the Bat collection!

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After our grilled lunch in the park, we headed home to rest before taking Kyz to Taekwondo class, then walking a few blocks to a Japanese restaurant for Momma’s special seafood dinner, her very own lobster!

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After dinner we strolled around to a cupcake cafe; just cupcakes and coffee! A nice finish to the day. I included before-and-after picture to show how cute our table was before we invaded with Blizzard our ice dragon and Donatello, our Ninja Turtle.

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Valentines 2013 (160)

Mother and child enjoyed working a puzzle, while Dad enjoyed the moments with his coffee.

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Valentines 2013 (141)