kaisers toysI gave the camera to Kaiser to play with. He walked around the apartment taking pictures, it was interesting to see what caught his eye.

His portrait of his father made me realize how much bigger I am than him, and how much gentler I need to be. Would you want this two-hundred pound gorilla reaching for you?

I always try to be patient during the little trials and inconveniences, but as they add up over the day, I can be impatient. Seeing myself from his perspective is sobering. I need to be more patient, more helpful and more gentle–especially in little moments like tying shoes, walking to the bus stop and teeth brushing.

I like to plan time for him to be “unbridled”; time where he can run and play without parental interjection and management. He needs to be himself, to play out whatever is in his imagination. He needs to learn to be himself, while knowing his dad is there to help when he asks.

We usually forgive offenses after they occur, but I think I will start forgiving in advance, knowing that children need room to grow and to be nurtured. Childhood should be fun.

If you have a second, pray for an old dad who has a lot to learn.