Well, it finally happened, our fleet-footed little stuntman slipped and fell. He fell into the side of a chair and lacerated his eyelid. Kaiser was with Tamara visiting friends from church, while I was across town meeting a friend for lunch when I got the call.

I took a cab across town and found Tamara and Kaiser in ER. We waited together in a side room for a plastic surgeon to suture Kaiser’s eyelid. The doctor came much sooner than later and spent a mere twenty minutes closing the wound. A friend was with us the whole time and gave us a ride home.


This injury is common with boys this age, but traumatic for the little guys. It is disconcerting, to say the least, to have your child’s blood on your hands. We were all glad to be home. Not long after we got home (Dr.) Mr. Yeom and his wife JeongSu checked in with Kaiser, which helped comfort him.


So Kaiser will miss church today, as he is prone to running around before and after the service, and he will miss Taekwondo class for the week. We will take him to the local hospital to have his dressing changed, then back to the university hospital on Thursday to have the suture removed.

Overall, we are grateful for the quick medical help we received, the support of our friends and the comfort of a little home where we can rest together.