Stitches out Feb 2013 (36)

Today we headed back to the hospital to have the sutures removed. Kaiser healed quickly, but this made removing the sutures very difficult. We had to move from the doctor’s private office to the OR where a surgical team restrained Kyz on a padded table. Fortunately, the doctor let me go in to be with him. It was horrible to say the least.

After the removal we went to the nearest cafe for a doughnut and Hot Wheels party. He deserved it. He will wear a special band aid for two days while the healing completes, then we will begin applying a lotion to prevent scarring.

Stitches out Feb 2013 (45)

Before we left the OR, I thanked each person for their help, and through his tears, Kaiser did too. No one wants to go through this, but we still have to be grateful for good medical care and the people who help us. And special thanks to “Brentf” in Canada who sent these Hot Wheels to my son.

Stitches out Feb 2013 (50)