New Cafe Feb 2013 (48)

We finally made time to visit a new cafe, Cafe Louis. It’s a block past the one we usually go to. It’s large and modern looking, there is always a movie playing on the bare concrete wall in the back. As I like “weird for the sake of weird”, I wanted to go. Tamara wanted to go because of their renowned carrot cake.

The coffee and dessert was great, the staff was friendly, the cafe was clean and roomy, there is a wall of books, a movie to watch, nice music in the back ground; over all it was a good experience, especially since I was with my two favorite people!

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The next day Tamara took Kaiser and me to a new part of town to visit a large toy store and try a new restaurant.

New Cafe Feb 2013 (62)

This restaurant features a chicken soup made with a whole chicken, you get a whole chicken in your bowl! The chicken is stuffed with rice and you also get the usual array of Korean side dishes. It’s a great meal!

New Cafe Feb 2013 (70)

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