Flea Market mar 2013 (10)Tamara planned a picnic for us at the park downtown. She had a couple pleasant surprises she hadn’t planned on.

First, the weather was perfect. The sun was out, the skies were blue and there was a cool breeze. This park is on a mountain, so there are many winding paths covered with shade trees, many places to picnic, a view that overlooks the entire city, it is also a memorial for the occurrences of “5.18” and there is a beautiful Buddhist temple.

Secondly, there was a flea market on the temple grounds hosted by a Catholic church.

Seeing Buddhists and Catholics working together was great, we appreciated that. We were just as surprised to see the flea market, as Koreans don’t do second-hand; they don’t do yard sales or pawn shops. Koreans much prefer brand new items. This idea is controversial here because the idea of trying to purchase new items for babies and children is so daunting that some couples choose not to have children.

Flea Market mar 2013 (2)

There is a flea market in town, but it is hosted and patronized mostly by the foreign community. We also have a “yard sale” page on Face Book–we love secondhand. Since most of us will not live here for more than a few years, there is a surplus of like-new camping gear, housing and kitchen items, baby gear, clothing, etc… Secondhand makes a lot of sense to us. (I bought a $60 backpack for $3, and Kyz got a Lego robot for $3; Tamara bought two “I Spy” books. We love those!)

Flea Market mar 2013 (11)

There was also a jazz trio. So, live jazz while we perused the tables! How great is that?!

Flea Market mar 2013 (5)

All this talk of shopping secondhand suggests that we bought a new child, but no, Rachel stayed with us overnight as her parents are expecting soon and she will be staying with us when the due date comes and her parents live at the hospital for a few days.

Rachel Mar 2013 (21)