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We had three Easter parties this week. Earlier in the week Tamara, Kyz and another mother and son, friends’ of Tamara, had a picnic in the park and colored eggs.

On Saturday, we took a bus across town to the main bus station and took another bus an hour south of town to meet with a church group that had games and activities for kids. That was a lot of fun, Kyz loved it!

Naju Mar 2013 (3)

Naju Mar 2013 (36)

Naju Mar 2013 (110)

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Our third little party, before church, was a treasure and Easter egg hunt along the boulders where Kaiser likes to climb. I hid candy, colored eggs and Hot Wheels along the length of the wall. He climbs like a pro and found everything. We had a wonderful week of good family time. Happy Easter!

Treasure Hunt Mar 2013 (160)

Treasure Hunt Mar 2013 (233)