Saturday Ap 2013 (17)

I walked down the street with my son and realized how right the world can be at times; we had nothing else to do but walk down the street together to buy bread. My four year old teacher has a lot to teach me.

What if you got to choose between a child-like faith, a business-like faith or an educated faith? Which would you choose?

A child-like faith is assured that the father cares about little problems. A business-like faith is burdened with market values, celebrity gossip and the allure of much. An educated faith is rigid. It is enamored of what is correct and seeks to educate others, punishing those who are confused about what to believe.

Saturday Ap 2013 (16)

I recently read an article in which the author, Julia Duin, stated her affirmation of long summers for children. Her article is called, My View: School Calendar Creep is killing summer—and hurting Learning.

Her essay contrasts the school calendar from her youth with the current school calendar her daughter will grow up with. The new school calendar has early morning classes, late June summer start and early August school start. Basically she is saying that the loss of traditional summer leisure is a loss of leisure and family time in a child’s youth. Her letter received scathing criticism. The battle was over family time.

Summer is about family time. It’s about purposeful free time. The criticism and support of Duin’s letter got down to one point: money. Critics were angry because they didn’t have the time or money for special family time. Supporters said you don’t need money to make great memories.

I have learned this from observing a severe educational system: overwhelming educational structures kill creativity and exploration. Classes have to be rigid to control students; students are unruly because they are overwhelmed and have no recourse. Family life is stressful with financial burden and competition. Youth and family time, which can never be regained, is lost forever.

The world is lacking innocence. It pretends to be sophisticated, when it’s really just immature. The world prefers the shadows of the spiritual, instead of the radiance of a pure heart.

No matter the educational system you work with, no matter your regrets or limitations, have a pillow fight with your child today. Let them win. Buy them ice cream.

Your child is a star.