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On Saturday we went to an airshow with our Taekwondo school, hosted by the Korean Air Force: First Fighter Wing.

There was a competition for school children who designed and built rockets propelled by pressurized water. On display were: jet fighters, support trucks, airport vehicles, gear and equipment, and an array of armament. There was live music the whole time. The KAF also provided a personal escort for any person who had a disability; everyone with a special need was cared for, looked after and lead by an AF personnel. THAT’S hospitality.

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Kids were taken for rides in an armored personnel carrier. What kid (or parent) doesn’t want to ride in an APC?  There was a small tent city of food and drinks, and shaded picnic areas. The KAF thought of everything and treated each of us with respect and the highest professionalism. Thanks Korea!

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