Ichiwon 002Follow this road; turn left, and you can visit Tamara where she does volunteer reading for children. In Korea, day care, preschool and kindergarten are similar. Korean kindergartens are all private, as children do not officially start school until grade one. There are many small schools like this in each neighborhood, and small yellow school buses.

Ichiwon 060I had free time before lunch, so I walked a few blocks from my school to surprised her and Kaiser. Tamara was in the middle of reading when I took her picture. When Tamara is doing her volunteer work, Kyz goes to the playroom because the boys just want to play and wrestle (all that fun boy stuff) when they should be listening.

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Ichiwon 049Throwing Stars2 057

throwing starsI found some sheets of craft foam and made some throwing stars for Kyz. I found this army costume on sale and picked it up. We put it all together and headed to the park for civil defense drills.

Crafty dad supplies: one black foam sheet, one blue foam sheet, glue, duct tape, silver paint pen; $6.00.

I made three stars, one Batman mask and a helmet liner for the army helmet. I still have plenty of supplies for more stars and Batman gear–maybe some Batman chest armor.

For the stars, I made a pattern, cut the foam, perforated one side each, applied glue and inserted a heavy coin inside, then kept them under a heavy stack of books over night. The next day, I painted them, then gave them to their new owner. He likes them.

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