Third Fishing Trip 059I found a new fishing spot. It’s quiet. It has shade and open areas, it has trails and wild flowers. Our new fishing spot is on the #10 bus route at the Cheomdan Bridge. The bridge is large: six lanes of traffic with a special pedestrian walking lane. It’s safe and quiet.

We can come here for picnics, day camping, to watch sports (large venue down the road) or just fish. The river is deep and fairly fast, with a small falls before going under the bridge. The bottom is rocky with cover, prefect for small mouth bass. I caught a large bass on a red grub. Kaiser was so excited to finally catch a fish. He just couldn’t believe his eyes.

Third Fishing Trip 026

The bus ride is only twenty minutes. The stop is in a residential area with all the conveniences for passers-by: restaurants, cafes, ice cream, kimbap, and a special kid’s cafe.

This our new family destination for the summer. One of the things I like about it is the gentle slope of the riverside. It’s not dangerous. It’s easy for us to fish from, sit and eat lunch, or explore. While I tested the waters and tried various lures, Kyz collected snails.

bass5 bass4bass2 bass3

bridge1 bass1