Second Baseball Game 222Tamara’s brother is visiting for the week. He is a student at a school in China and decided to come over and visit the neighbors. The flight from Beijing to Seoul is only two hours.

On Saturday we went to a baseball game. As this is the week of our son’s fourth birthday, the game is a part of his birthday party and the brand-new baseball jersey is one of his B-day gifts. So, my brother-in-law gets to be here for the birthday too.

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I bought seats at the top of the stadium by third base. As it turns out, we were in between two rowdy fan groups–the party never ended. Both groups shared boxes of chicken and kept the beer flowing.

Before we went to the game, we went to our favorite restaurant, The First Alleyway, and met with friends. We had a good time of conversation and great food.

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Second Baseball Game 219