School Lunch 008On Tuesdays, I don’t have class before lunch, so Tamara and Kaiser can come for lunch at noon–twenty minutes before students get out of class and invade the cafeteria.

Today’s menu was great: salad, rice, kimchi cabbage, kimchi radish, fish, kimchi soup with tofu, and fresh pineapple. We got to eat with the admin staff, nurse and a few teachers. It was a pleasant meal–until Kaiser had to eat one centimeter of kimchi, that’s all Mom required.

kaiser kimchi july 2013One of the great things about living in Korea is the food (the best thing is the friends). Kaiser loves Korean food, and he’s had kimchi before; granted it is spicy, but it’s not the daunting gastronomic feat he’s displaying.

He managed to conquer his kimchi and finish his meal. Momma was happy; I’m still laughing.