John E Jordan2John Edward Jordan was born on November 25, 1975, in Ft. Rucker, Alabama, to Ed and Nan Jordan. Big sister, Nelwyn, happily welcomed the arrival of her little brother. We called him “John Edward”, but from age 4 he asked to be called “Just plain ‘John’.” The Providence Church family called him “Double J”. John developed a love of baseball caps from an early age when Ed, then in the US Army, would come home from work and put his hat on John. John took to wearing his Dad’s oversized hat until a friend gave him a bright red baseball cap that fit exactly. He always wore that red hat. After a while, friends began to give him hats. He came home from kindergarten one day and told his Mom, “You tell that teacher that I always wear my hat, even in the house.” John always wore a baseball cap and amassed quite a collection of them.

John loved animals and wanted to have several dogs. His parents limited him to only one pet! Coco, a poodle, was his first dog but she had to be left behind when his family moved to Japan as missionaries with the International Mission Board, SBC. Coco wrote him regularly. In Japan, Smokey, a very vocal, feisty, male beagle, became John’s best friend. However, nearby apartment neighbors did not appreciate Smokey’s incessant baying. He had to be put up for adoption. Later, Nelwyn came to the rescue with an idea to empty their piggy banks and purchase a puppy after stopping at a pet store on their way home from church. She and John surprised their parents with Punkin, a cute little Japanese Spitz. (Ask for the full version of the story some time!) Punkin loved on John until he graduated from high school at the American School in Japan in Tokyo in 1993. Now his loyal companion boxer mix, Lola, who brought him many hours of fun in Plano, still looks for her Master to come through the door when she hears the garage door open.

John believed in Jesus when he was a child. Being a Missionary Kid (MK) brought special privileges and challenges as he lived for Jesus. A TCK (Third Culture Kid), he lived out his faith as a diligent student, even as he often changed schools, moving between Japan and furloughs in the USA. John wrestled in his faith and would not accept simplistic answers. During the course of his life, John made deep and lasting friendships. He very much cherished his friends. John was an encourager, tender hearted, bearing the burdens of others. He was always available to help a friend in need.

John graduated from LeTourneau University in 1997 with a BS in Aviation Technology but found his vocation in other fields such as logging using a skidder and chain saw at the YWAM Base in Colorado, driving a tow truck, and even cleaning pools.

While at Nortel and most recently at Ericsson, he provided valuable tech support and studied hours to upgrade his skills. John was an exceptional problem solver and put his whole heart into everything he did.

John loved to play the trumpet, first in middle school, then jazz band in high school and also blessed the orchestra at Providence Baptist Church—and his parents when they were home listening to him practice.

His avocation was Krav Maga. He began his martial arts career in junior high school when he became involved in Judo. He discovered Krav Maga and with great dedication and perseverance, and under excellent tutelage, John ascended the ranks and moved from student to an instructor certified to teach law enforcement. He was recently preparing to take his test for Black Belt. As an instructor he willingly shared what he knew while building strong relationships with other instructors and students.

John read The Classics and had a diverse appetite in music but he will always be remembered and very well known for his quick wit and twisted, sly humor. He easily drew out peals of hysterical, gut-busting laughter while shooting off his own “one-liners,” quoting lines from movies or books, parroting accents from around the world, and leaving silly phone messages for his sister Nelwyn and his nephew, Jordan.

Blessed is the man whose God is the Lord. John is blessed to be in the presence of Jesus whom he loved, feared, trusted and daily looked to for guidance. John was a blessing to us from God and has left us a legacy of steadfast and genuine love, compassion, integrity, faithfulness, kindness, and generosity through his purposeful encounters with God, friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers. We already miss him immensely and yet, with great hope, look toward the day when those in Christ meet him in Heaven. John would want his friends who do not yet know Jesus, to look to Jesus in faith and believe in Him. Maranatha! John is survived by his parents Ed and Nan Jordan, sister Nelwyn Jordan Scott, nephew Jordan Garrett, maternal grandmother Jeanne H McKennon, dog Lola and many loving aunts, uncles’ cousins and a host of fantastic friends. He is preceded in death by paternal grandparents Harry E and Lois N Jordan and maternal grandfather Loren (Mac) McKennon. A memorial service to celebrate and honor John’s life will be held Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM at Hunters Glen Baptist Church, Plano, Texas. A fellowship meal will be served following the service at the church. If desired, donations may be made in John’s name to the Collin County Baptist Assoc., Texas Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief, 970 S State Hwy 5, McKinney, Texas 75069.

(Taken from Allen Family Funeral Options)