Seoul Sept 2013 120We recently went to Seoul to visit the US embassy, we needed to get some documents notarized. Getting assistance with legal matters is difficult where we live, so I had to take a day off work and rally the family at four in the morning to get the first train to the big city. We also needed to send these over-night express. We didn’t know where to do this. We were on a mission. Life gave us lemons…

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Despite the urgency of the trip, we made sure to enjoy the family adventure. We visited two amazing museums (both free), we saw the nation’s capital, we bought cool army patches, we had a good lunch, people helped us along the way, and we stopped by Dunk’n Donuts before catching our train home.

Tamara did a great job organizing and navigating the whole expedition. Kaiser kept a good attitude all day, and I did a wonderful job drinking coffee and eating my doughnut. I’m pretty amazing.