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We spent most of the morning looking for creatures. We were hoping for stag beetles, but didn’t find any. We weren’t disappointed though, we found many other gaze-worthy crawlers and fliers.

Most of these we found along the path in the woods. The spiders are plentiful. They live along the trail undisturbed by the many local hikers. That makes me happy.

The butterflies are everywhere, we see gaggles of large butterflies in the meadow, the woods, the park and fluttering down the street. Some are as big as birds. As they float along they bump into people.

The large alien-looking bee monsters I photographed from across the street using the zoom. They were content eating the persimmon while I watched them. I don’t know what they are and I have never seen anything like them before. I shook my hat out before leaving the area–just to make sure there wasn’t one on me.