Five Day Weekend 009Holiday. Weekend. Five days with no plans. I saved this bag of coffee for this week (from my Mother-in-law). I had my first cup with dinner. We have special meals planned for the week. Tonight we had homeade curry and naan bread. It was so good.

Five Day Weekend 004Lately Kaiser has been sorting his cars by color, pirmarily greens and reds. Sometimes he sorts them by F1, military, rescue or Batman. He has over a hundred Hot Wheels, so it takes a while. I wonder what he’s thinking as he does this.

This what we had for dinner. Simple and enjoyable. The naan with coffee was good too; perfect. Afterwards I made  a big batch of popcorn for family movie night. Quiet nights at home with the family are the reward for working all day. Now, five days to enjoy; I think I’ll go fishing…