Saturday Fun 038We recently received the first box of curriculum for Kaiser’s home schooling. We chose Sonlight. Tamara found wonderful books for teaching reading and writing, and logical thinking. So far, Kaiser is excited about the lessons he has everyday. There is no better teacher than a child’s mother. Tamara is doing a great job!

We spent a lot of time playing at the park. The scooter has been the preferred mode of transportation. While at the park, we found a large horned tomato worm. Kaiser was enthralled with the creature. I let him bring it home and keep it overnight. He was captivated by it. The next day when we let it go, he said “Living free and in the wild”, the catch phrase from Wild Kratts. Funny kid.

Our church surprised Tamara with a little birthday party. She was really surprised because it wasn’t her birthday–it’s not for another week. But it was fun, the cake was delicious!

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