Godzilla 013Every parent deliberately introduces their child to an interest of their own that they hope they can share with their child as they grow. I have tried to remain neutral, letting Kyz make discoveries and sort through interests for himself, while we guided and gave opportunity. Aside from his vast array of boy things, Hot Wheels, Legos, Ninja weapons, and his home school window to the world, and taekwondo, there is one thing I look forward to sharing with him: old movies.

There is a treasury of Americana in forgotten movies that I hope will add lasting interest to his life journey. There is something satisfying about knowing about old movies; about the black and white film experience.

I remember the first monster movie I ever saw, it was a Fifties, black and white giant spider movie. I was at a friend’s house. He had a small TV in his room and we watched that movie. I was so horrified by the thought of a giant spider crawling over houses that I had to muster all of my courage to run across the street to go home. I was terrified. I now know the movie I watched was, “Earth Versus the Spider”.

Godzilla 027I let Kaiser watch the 1978 American cartoon, “Godzilla”, in which Godzilla is a benevolent giant who pals around with an oceanic research team, rescuing them upon request. He also has Godzilla comic featuring Monster Island. That is the sensible extent of his exposure to the King of Monsters; and Kaiser knows he is a monster, not a dinosaur.

I introduced him to Godzilla because of my own interest in these old movies and because I hope we can visit the Godzilla landmarks in Japan, giving him an invaluable fan experience.

There is a new Godzilla movie due in 2014. I can’t wait to see it!