Mantis 091As with most people and most Saturdays I had things I had to do to start the day: dishes, laundry, sweeping… I didn’t do any of them. I decided to go for a bike ride with Kyz instead. We didn’t have a plan, just a simple bike ride. I happened to grab the camera on the way out. I’m glad I did!

Mantis 271

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We weren’t gone for more than an hour, we just meandered down the street. Kyz decided to stop in the breezeway and dig around in the dirt. When his hands are busy, he chats. He talks about everything. We love these times. His heart becomes a breezeway, with thoughts and feelings flowing freely. I just sat there listening and snapping pics.

On the way back, we met a large mantis that let us hold it. Kaiser was completely captivated by it. The mantis never recoiled or attempted to flee, it casually walked up and down our arms. It was the biggest mantis we saw all summer.

Mantis 327

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