Suncheon 160

We spent the weekend an hour south in the bay city, Suncheon. We were invited by friends we knew from our church in Gwangju. They are a young couple with  a daughter near Kaiser’s age. She is the first friend he made in Korea. They were glad to see each other again.

The main reason of the visit was to meet the pastor of my friend’s church to see if I was a compatible match for employment. The church is breaking ground for an international missionary school, the first of it’s kind on the peninsula. It would be a leadership position. We are still talking.

While in Suncheon, we visited the International Garden Expo. It was acre after acre of flora from around the world. It was a wonderful exhibit.

Suncheon 092The church is active around the world. We found the pastor and his family to be particularly kind and wise. His vision is respectable.

Suncheon 031

Here we are together in the church foyer. From L to R: Grace (mother) Nu-ri (daughter) Liebenthals, Pastor Oh Young-jae, and our friend David.

Later that night we went to the Festival of Lights.

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Suncheon is a beautiful area. The city is proud of its protected natural environment. Here are some more pictures from the weekend.

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