Kaiser fashion1

Once in a while, before we head out for the day, I take Kaiser’s picture at the door of our apartment. He typically choses his clothes, we only make adjustments for temperature, or rain.  He loves his camo hat and his cowboy boots, and his sandals. He’d wear those sandals everyday if we let him. Tamara got the sandals for him–a great choice!

On the weekend, I take Kaiser for a walk in the morning so Tamara can sleep in (peace). There are many interesting buildings to see, and local oddities; there are insects to find, shop windows to look in and chocolate milk to drink from the corner store.

The mask is for windy, dusty days. Most people wear them. We like them during cold and flu season. The “T” hat is for our local baseball team, Kia Tigers. The green vest, his hunting vest is something I bought when he was tiny; he loves it and wears it most days. The Dinosaur City Police patch is a new addition. I bought it on Ebay for him. He thinks it’s cool.

The army get-up was his choice of attire for the school festival.

Sunday 003