Saturday 154

Since I don’t have to work on Saturdays anymore, I enjoy simple mornings: coffee and quiet. When Kaiser wakes up, I feed him, we watch a few cartoons, then I take him for a long walk while Mom sleeps. At times it’s nice not having a car. I haven’t pumped gas in two years; I don’t even know how much gas costs–don’t care either. Our neighborhood is family friendly. It doesn’t have nightlife, no glaring neon signs, bars, open prostitution; just parks, restaurants and a mountain. When we came to Korea, we landed in a good place. One recent morning I took Kaiser to see the statues: Prosperous Buddha, Admiral Yi, the Chi Lion. We also found some beautiful roses and a new playground!

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Sunday 007On Sunday, our English church service was invited to participate in the main Korean service. So Tamara tickled the ivories while everyone else sang. Kaiser’s TKD school also did a demonstration and a choreographed routine; the crowd loved it! Kaiser was too young to participate, though; maybe next time.

Afterwards, we all went out for coffee at Cantabile, my favorite cafe!

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