I got “the phone call” just after work, you know the one–please come to the hospital, your child…

Yeah, I hate those, but it happens.

IMG_8652It was one of those unavoidable collisions, beautiful in its simplicity: boy runs, boy hits wall. Mom takes crying boy to hospital, calls Dad.

Kaiser was playing with the other boys after Taekwondo class, which is what they always do; a fun, fair game of dodge ball. But the mercurial, fleet-footed Kyz was too juiced to notice the wall as he dived for a loose ball and crashed.

The wall is padded for general safty, but not enough to protect a determined, high-velocity four-year old from himself.

IMG_8651So, an ice pack, a trip to the doctor and an x-ray for Kyz. Doc said he should be ok, but to watch for signs of a concussion. I’m glad he didn’t waste his breath admonishing: AND FOR GOD’S SAKE BE CAREFUL! We are careful, but God made kids to play and parents to care.

The goose has landed, and wow, what an egg!