Cafe Bono 009Meet Erika and Chris, two adventurers who met in Korea and recently married here. We met with them this weekend to visit a new cafe, Cafe Bono. It’s a three storey cafe on a corner lot; great location. It is located a few blocks from our place, we walk by it everyday while taking Kaiser to Taekwando class.

Early Sunday morning, I fed and dressed Kaiser, watched a cartoon, then headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. I like to go out early so Mom can sleep in. Kaiser insists on riding his bike, or his scooter, but I want him to grow up remembering that he walked with his Dad and talked together. When he’s on wheels, we don’t take the time to talk. I like to use this time to really look at our neighborhood, to say hi to other people walking, to find things and to look down strange alleys. A boy needs to explore the world with his Dad, even if it’s just the small world across the street.

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