First Snow 261We had our first snowfall ovenight. We woke up to nature’s white blanket covering the mountain and the city. For us, this only meant one thing: PLAY TIME!

We wait all year for snow. We carry on like soldiers through unbearable heat and humidity in the summer. We get out the sweaters and scarves in fall, but all the while we are waiting to get one last thing out of the storage bin: the sled!

Unfortunaltly for me, I had to work, but K and T went straight to the park after breakfast for sledding. They met another mother and son with the same idea, so two moms and two boys had a park full of snow to themselves–all the fresh, heavy, white snow to themselves! (Humbug. I was at work.)

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After work, we DROVE to the U district for real Mexican food and beer. Since Tamara has a Korean driver’s liscence, our pastor loaned us his car while he is out of town. What a great day full of surprises! We got to play in the snow and have nachos. Ahhh, winter.

As they say in Mexico, auf wiedersehn and God bless America!

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